The Artist in Me

Being a science nerd, for the most part, I found works of art too complex to my analytical and mathematical mind. I believe that there is an inherent mathematical nature to reality and I am fascinated by this mysterious connection between mathematics and nature. We have always looked at nature and searched for patterns, gazed at the night […]

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The Order in Chaos

According to me, Complexity theory (which is based on Chaos theory) has more to offer towards making things easier for managers and the principles of this theory could be applied to build companies that are self-managing. The purpose of this post is to help readers find the order in chaos. For any organization, it is […]

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Social Isolation

The motive for giving advice is not always as pure as people pretend. As a social creature, we are made uncomfortable by other people’s pain. It disturbs us and we take action that will return ourselves to a state of comfort rather than be connecting with the pain that someone else is experiencing. Especially, people […]

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The artless art

Today I searched for oil paintings on Etsy shops and I found many paintings to be over- rated and hence overpriced. Such form should not be encouraged and it is important to judge the fineness in one’s art piece and for that one needs to understand what fine art actually represents. There is a lot […]

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