The Order in Chaos

According to me, Complexity theory (which is based on Chaos theory) has more to offer towards making things easier for managers and the principles of this theory could be applied to build companies that are self-managing. The purpose of this post is to help readers find the order in chaos.

For any organization, it is important to maintain right work environment as it plays a major role in deciding the success of an organization. To achieve this, every individual need to work together in sync with others to maintain order. With self-actualization being the apex of self-improvement in the theory of needs, meta-motivation is the key to success in today’s world that’s more demanding. If the environment is right, people will grow straight and beautiful, actualizing the potentials they have developed. This understanding makes me realize that it is important to establish order to provide a better environment.

As an essentialist, I believe that our life is designed to be meaningful and nature is showing us the better way to understand the essence of life which is establishing order in chaos. To understand how nature works, we need to understand the principle on which Chaos theory is based. Chaos theory explains the effectiveness of the reductionistic approach in making things simpler and more understandable. According to this theory, large systems tend to follow few simple rules and how a system varies over time depends on this rule. 

The order is born from chaos and according to Chaos theory, it is the natural intrinsic propensity to self-organise as emergent behaviors are hardwired into reality. In emerging model, the state of a system evolves over time, doing so according to some rule and when the system is in flux, we have the opportunity to drive the change in the organization and this can happen only when the organization functions together with the intelligence decentralized. This is the kind of system we need to build in the future.

Self-organising systems offer hope for a more effective way to accomplish work. From this, it is quite understandable that, successful companies need to work as a better system comprising of individuals who are meta-motivated. I believe that it is important to combine both collectivism and individualism in the workplace for a more balanced approach. 

Kaufmann says Order cannot be engineered from outside; the system organizes itself. We live in a Universe where Order is free. This explains why I believe we are born to manage chaos and we do not need managers to keep things in order when we have the capacity to self-organise. 

This makes me believe that well-coordinated behaviors can emerge without a leader. In the future, these concepts have to be applied extensively to make things easier and better by creating decentralized systems that are self-managing.



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