Beauty and the Beast

On a fine morning, I was too lazy to step out of my bed and I scrolled down across new feeds only to find a sponsored ad which was captioned “How to reduce your weight in 10 days to look sexy”. Out of curiosity in knowing the public response, I checked the comment section and noticed that most of the women were interested in getting that product which made me feel really bad. I was even more infuriated when I went through an article which presented stats stating that about 85% of customers who use weight reduction pills are women. These days, we are more concerned about the number indicated by weighing machine over other factors that influence beauty. Let’s not give a chance for such companies to make use of our innocence and lack of understanding of what makes one beautiful. In this article, I will talk about my understanding of what makes one beautiful.

According to me, beauty is not in facial symmetry. Facial symmetry is a trait of physical attractiveness and has very little part in defining beauty which takes into account several other parameters. This is the kind of understanding we lack in today’s internet world which confirms my belief that the internet has been miseducating us on what it means to look beautiful. As social creatures, we are desperate for attention and social media such as Instagram is based on this philosophy which can be summed up as “Cool Photos = Cool Person”. These platforms try to push a wrong idea of beauty and what makes one look cool and they embrace the cosmopolitan way of living. These social medias are all platforms that thrive on attention-seeking instincts of its users.

I believe that social media has been playing a major role in influencing the way we perceive or look at things. This holiday season has turned me into a slugabed and out of boredom, I started investing time in understanding social media. I had already reached that stage where I became sick of what Facebook had become but I was amazed at its rapid growth. What initially started as a platform for sharing stuff became more like an exhibit of personal achievements, where people uploaded photos with a painfully transparent attempt at garnering some sort of response or attention from the rest of its users. We use social media because we are trying to convince not just others but ourselves on who we are in this world. We’re so addicted to it because we need that validation or acceptance of our looks from others. One comment on the internet summed it aptly, “Getting likes on Instagram is like being the cool kid in the asylum”.

Forget Instagram, dating apps available on the internet are massively misguiding people. They are coded with instructions which ask the users to swipe left to confirm their interest and a swipe to the right is counted as a lack of interest. These platforms are designed to promote such wrong mantras which help one find a partner based on swipes. It has all come down to cool and attractive pictures these days and its time to get rid of such platforms. To me, the facial looks are inherited or God given and it tells nothing about one as a person. We need to create a better society by promoting love.

We think beauty is in perfection but to me, imperfection is absolutely beautiful. Imperfection means you are real and not fake like million other out there. We all crave for perfection and it’s something which does not exist in reality. Everyone has something special in them it is about identifying and exploring that special one in you.



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