Oh, my Shaman!
Thou draggeth me into the world of a nonphysical realm.
In no time, thou transcended the world
Into a place empty and calm.

I was thrown into a ravine as I walked along the pavement
And thou put me into the spiritual trance
To mend the soul of the Mountain Spirit
Who lacked love and suffered from ailments.

I woke up at Mount Bucegi to the Enescu’s music,
Flying high up the sky as I fell prey to her lure, so mystic.
She is a divine revelation. Perfection and beauty beyond my grasp.
A sheer gift of grace from God himself.

O Beauty so ancient and so new!
Into the dark, there was no light.
We made love until the sky turned bright
To let the pain dissolve into the night.

I gave her all I got, to lighten up the broken heart.
My restless heart went so wild
I am in love, I can never be the one she forgets.
I won’t let this feeling go out of my mind.


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