Yesterday, I watched War for the Planet of the Apes and I would like to beam myself back to the time I spent watching the movie in the theater. Although the movie wasn’t one of my favourites, I thought it was beautifully scripted and intelligently made. I also felt that this movie raised several questions on what it means to be human.

This movie reminded me of Kubrick’s masterpiece: The Clockwork Orange. Stanley Kubrick was always fascinated by the absurd and the questions raised by him in his movies on humanity is still relevant today. His portrayal of how humans would act when pushed too far in his movie the clockwork orange is something I would like to relate with the movie I watched yesterday.  I am sure many would debate this view of mine so to get you involved in my idea, let me put forth my personal thoughts in this post.

The film clockwork orange depicts the human nature in its raw form and portrays the importance of the role played by the society in shaping that part of the human nature that is malleable. I think a bigger problem today, is the society we live in. Our society has become a factory that has mastered the art of replacing human beings with clockwork oranges. We are constantly being monitored by the people around us and our thoughts are shaped by the environment we live in and not by personal choice.

We are introduced to this world as a human being but we are made to lose qualities that make us human with time. People who make definitive statements and generalizations: the pretentious, stuffy, pseudo-intellectuals, as well as the dismissive shouters who promote hogwash, are the ones who promote the idea “one size fits all advice” and create problems. We are being told what and what not to do and have become victims of the mass mind control operation. These people promote ideas and establish belief systems that have made us function and think like machines. We are living in a system that is designed to filter out our inherited animalistic attitudes and acquire qualities/traits would make us function ethically and morally right all the time. We have been converted into clockwork oranges bound by law and not to our consciences.

I believe that it is important to create awareness and understanding that we are part of this animal kingdom and it is totally fine to retain animalistic attitudes we possess. Ability to empathise, love, understand and HATE others is what I think distinguishes us from the other species. Humanity doesn’t just mean benevolence or the ability to love others. There is a greater meaning to it. I believe that it is totally humane to express hatred. We are always asked to love others with an attempt to breed out the reptilian attitude the evolution has hardwired into us. Hatred is only viewed as a strong negative emotion and we are asked not to hate anyone. I feel that it is perfectly normal and okay to hate people. In fact, it is important to develop a hate for some people in order to rediscover the qualities that you love.

We are also made to believe that being able to live alone is a sign of strength and that it differentiates us from the other species. According to me, it would only keep us increasingly more isolated. We are designed to be a social species that craves for love and attention and evolution hasn’t equipped us with tools to overcome loneliness. Triabaltic lifestyle is not what I am promoting through this post. I am trying to point out the lack of self-knowledge and acceptance that we are animals and we have selectively bred out the certain qualities to be able to function as a proper society in unison.

The discussion doesn’t end here but I would like to end my post with this quote:

Is the loss of human traits an acceptable price for a properly functioning society?

                                                                                                                                 – Anthony Burgess.

We are not what we are asked to be.

Keep thinking.


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