Yesterday, I watched War for the Planet of the Apes and I would like to beam myself back to the time I spent watching the movie in the theater. Although the movie wasn’t one of my favourites, I thought it was beautifully scripted and intelligently made. I also felt that this movie raised several questions […]

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Oh, my Shaman! Thou draggeth me into the world of a nonphysical realm. In no time, thou transcended the world Into a place empty and calm. I was thrown into a ravine as I walked along the pavement And thou put me into the spiritual trance To mend the soul of the Mountain Spirit Who […]

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Into the Abyss

Oh, my dear love! Thy mighty pull, irresistible And the overwhelming darkness lit up my eyes. I falleth, unable to resist thy mighty lure So strong it is, that there is no escape. Thy pull draggeth me into the world where The reality is brazenly ignored and logic ceases to exist. At a frenzied pace, […]

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The needy in need

In my country, India, more than fifteen percent of the people live below poverty line. As I grew, my life experiences helped me understand how happiness multiplied by lending a helping hand to the needy. In this post, I will share one such experience. Last summer, I attended a conference with three other friends of […]

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Lust for Life

The other day I watched Paul Thomas Anderson’s movie Boogie Nights. It is a classic movie which documents the life of pornstars. Purity and grace of some of his characters are what separates him from the rest. PTA is not afraid to be sensitive and vulnerable and has portrayed the rise and subsequent fall of […]

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Beauty and the Beast

On a fine morning, I was too lazy to step out of my bed and I scrolled down across new feeds only to find a sponsored ad which was captioned “How to reduce your weight in 10 days to look sexy”. Out of curiosity in knowing the public response, I checked the comment section and […]

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Music and Me

Art and Music have always fascinated me. Kandinsky¬†is someone whose ideas on art and music resonate with me so well. He says Colour is the keyboard, the eyes are harmonies, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or the other, to cause vibrations in […]

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